Grainfather Community Mobile App

Plan and manage your brew on the go!
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Enhance your brewing experience

Create and discover recipes​

The feature-packed recipe creator allows you to accurately design and reproduce recipes from scratch or customize and brew directly from a selection of thousands of community recipes.

Control your Grainfather wirelessly

Use your mobile device as a remote control to manage your brew on the Grainfather wirelessly. Now you can also control and monitor fermentation temperature on the Grainfather Conical Fermentor using the app paired with the new Wireless Controller.​

Integrate with IoT devices

Connect your app to Tilt and other selected IoT devices to track and record your brew data. You can also add manual data points to your session graph.

Step by step brewing

Brew with confidence! Automated in-app notifications will guide you, step-by-step through your brew.

Advanced calculators

Perform quick and accurate calculations without leaving your app and brew with greater efficiency.

Manage your equipment

Create detailed equipment profiles for your home brewing system and manage your equipment settings for accuracy.

No Ads!

Get on with your brew, distraction free. We don't run ads on our platforms.

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"Now you can brew with accuracy and efficiency on any brewing system and take your hobby wherever you go. The Grainfather Community App also allows you to stay involved and up to date with the Online Brewing Community."
Rudi Stander
Grainfather Business Lead

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