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Filling bottles & growlers from the keg

The holiday season is a time of socialising and sharing, and beers are great for this, however, taking an entire keg is often too much and not always feasible and bottle conditioned beer can often get mixed and over yeasty during transport. Filling a growler or a few bottles off the keg for an event or as a gift is an easy way to go. Below are a few methods with tips and tricks for doing just this.

Filling from a kegerator tap

This is the simplest method, however, this method is only really suitable for bottles and growlers that will be consumed soon after filling, as oxygen generally becomes a factor with this filling method.

  1. If you are filling glass growlers or bottles, sanitise these a couple of hours before you want to fill them and store them in your kegerator or fridge at the same temperature as your beer. If the glass is the same temperature as the beer going in a lot less foaming will occur during filling.
  2. Drop the psi on your keg to about 1-2psi this will help to lower the foaming and wastage.
  3. Sanitise your tap.
  4. Use a length of sanitised silicon tubing and fit this to the tap, this is easier done on flow restrictor taps.
  5. If you can flush your vessel with CO2­­ this will benefit the storage, but if you are consuming within a day of filling this will is not necessary.
  6. Ensure you have a large bowl or something under the tap, insert the tubing into the vessel and fill the vessel from the bottom up.
  7. When the beer level reaches the top of the vessel remove the tubing and cap on the foam.

Pressure filler caps

These are designed for PET bottles of any size. Check out our video for some further detailed information.

Beer gun or modified picnic tap

These are more dedicated equipment for filling bottles or growlers from the keg. With the modified picnic tap follow the same method as the kegerator tap. With the beer gun, it is possible to flush the vessel with CO2 before filling.

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