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Christmas Brews – Part 3

With the countdown to Christmas now in full effect, it’s time to brew those Christmas beers to help us get through the day. Our resident brewer ‘Samta’ has developed some classic recipes with a Christmas twist to be released each week during November.

This mint chocolate stout is deliciously decadent, with a satisfying mixture of dark chocolate and caramel style malts that combine tastefully with the addition of a mint chocolate spirit essence, this brew is sure to go down a treat at dessert time.

Food parings: Dessert, Cake and Roasts

Mint Chocolate Stout

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  • Batch size: 23L (fermenter volume)
  • Mash: 60 Mins
  • Boil: 60 Mins
  • OG – 1.059
  • FG – 1.013
  • Colour – 72.6 EBC
  • Bitterness – 26.1 IBU
  • ABV – 6.1%


8%0.5Flaked Oats – US371.2Mash
4%0.24Gladfield Dark Chocolate Malt331300Mash
10%0.6Caramel Malt – 60L (Briess)33.6118.3Mash
43%2.512-Row Pale (Malteurop)37.723.3Mash
4%0.24Carafa III – DE321399.5Mash
29%1.7Gladfield Aurora Malt3757.9Mash
2%0.1Lactose – Milk Sugar – US411.2Late Addition

Grain Substitutions:

Aurora Malt: Brown or biscuit malt


NameTemp °CTime min
Mash 16860
Mash Out7510


37East Kent GoldingsPelletBoil60 min5.522.1

Hop Substitutions:

East Kent Goldings: Goldings but due to the strong malt and flavours, it has effectiveness.


18mlStill Spirits Top Shelf Mint Chocolate Liquor EssenceSecondary


AmountUnitNameAttenuation %
2PacketsMangrove Jack’s Liberty Bell Ale M3676

Yeast Substitutions:

  • White Labs English Ale WLP002 or WLP007
  • Wyeast London Ale 1028
  • Safale US-04
  • Danstar Nottingham Ale


TypeTemp °CTime days
Fermentation 11814


18mlStill Spirits Stop Shelf Mint Chocolate Flavouring


The flavour addition is on the lower side, I recommend taking 100ml of your beer and adding one drop (~0.010ml – ~0.025ml) of flavour to this 100ml and tasting this before adding the initial amount to the rest of the fermenter and adjust to your taste. Always add half the amount you decide, leave overnight and taste the next day before adding any more.

Beer Finings:

For this recipe use your choice of beer finings, we tend to use Irish moss in the boil and if needed either gelatine or isinglass in the secondary.

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