Brewing in a Hotel

Introducing Brew Talk, a new series of homebrewing interviews with our Grainfather Community. We talk to Larry about his experience brewing in hotels!

What Is Efficiency?

Efficiency is a very important term in brewing as understanding your efficiency gives you greater control over your original gravity, greater repeatability and a better understanding of how much grain is required in your recipe. Efficiency is to do with the ‘potential’ of grain. Each grain you use in your grain bill has a ‘potential’ […]

Brewing for consistent results

This Week’s mash comes from the home brew diaries blog. Laith Clark has been making homebrew beer for the past 2 years progressing from a single kit direct to Extract brewing and then to All Grain. In that time he has made some mistakes as well as some great beers. Laith blogs about his experiences […]

Improving Yeast Performance for Big ABV beers

Finding a yeast that provides all of the characteristics you want, whilst achieving a high ABV can be a tricky job. This week we caught up with JK who shared a technique he uses to improve yeast performance when brewing big ABV beers, read about it below. “One of the main problems that brewers face […]