Dry Hopping

Dry Hopping in Homebrewing

In this article, we look at dry hopping. Get advice on the best techniques and see what commercial brewers do.

Hops and Beer

Using Hops in Beer

For a brew to be classified as a beer, it must contain hops. In this article, we look at the different hop classes, forms of hops and how to use them.

Hops around the world

We may be partial to the delicious varieties of hops found in New Zealand, but there are some seriously excellent hop varieties found all over the world to sample and brew with. We discuss some of our recent favourites from a few different places around the globe… Colouring beer with everything from earthy aromatics through […]

New Zealand Hops

Being a New Zealand company, we are proud of all things kiwi and there’s nothing better than our beautiful country side, perfect for growing delicious fruit, grapes for award winning wines and for us beer lovers, some of the most amazing hops found anywhere in the world. Hops are not native to New Zealand, the […]

Experimenting with ingredients

One of the best things about beer and home brewing, is that unless you strictly want to adhere to the reinheitsgebot laws, there is so much room for experimentation with your brews and adjusting your recipes with different ingredients is a great way to be creative, cater closer to your own personal tastes and style […]

Storing and preserving your ingredients

To brew the best beer possible, we all know that it starts with quality ingredients. The key here is that they are fresh too, but as you make the shift away from brewing single extract kits to brewing all grain recipes, you’ll find that you may want more ingredients on hand for when the mood […]

The Effect of Hop Aroma on Perceived Bitterness

Ever since reading the abstract for a journal on perceived bitterness intensity we have been very interested in examining the effect of dry hopping and increased hop aroma on the perceived bitterness of a beer. Dave from our UK office has been experimenting on this interesting factor of sensory perception. ‘As hoppy ale brewers begin […]

Why Do Hops Taste So Good?

It’s safe to say that hops are a pretty popular ingredient for flavouring beer. By carefully selecting a single variety or combining multiple varieties brewers can get a whole range of interesting flavours such as pine, spice, floral, citrus or fruity. But what is it about hops that imparts these flavours? Hops are actually full […]

Spotlight on New Zealand Hops

This week, Dave from our UK office had the chance to visit us here in New Zealand to attend MarchFest beer festival and the first New Zealand Homebrewers Conference. Inspired by being in Nelson, the hop capital of New Zealand, Dave has written this Weekly Mash on the history of hops in New Zealand and […]