Cloning a beer

Have you ever had a commercial beer that you really enjoyed and wondered, ‘how did they make that?’ Or have a beer you’re desperate to try that isn’t readily available? Or want to get a friend into brewing by helping them make a beer just like one of their favourites? There might be many reasons […]

Tips on Designing a Recipe

Even if you have made the move to all grain brewing, designing your own recipes can be daunting. There is so much information available to the new brewer that it’s easy to panic about what is relevant and how much you really need to consider when creating your first recipe. As with most things, the […]

Choc – Coffee Porter Recipe

This week we would like to introduce you to Nick Wiseman who has just joined our Australian sales team. Some of you may already know Nick, as he is an avid Grainfather user himself, and very active on the Grainfather Users Group. We are very excited to now be working with him more closely, and […]