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Brewing beer is our passion

JUST LIKE YOU. welcome

No one would say that brewing beer is easy, but we’ve developed the design and engineering from craft breweries to create homebrewing systems with an intuitive design that allow you to produce consistent brews, at home.

We take the utmost pride in doing everything that we can do to empower every level of brewer to experiment, try something new and master every recipe. After all, we know first-hand the satisfaction that comes with brewing your own beer, sharing it with mates and inspiring other like-minded brewers to explore more of the craft.

Our journey started in New Zealand with the Grainfather G30, but we soon decided that our brewing equipment was just too good not to share. Our head office is still based in New Zealand, but we’ve gone global and we now have a team of beer enthusiasts in Australia, Europe, the UK and the USA too. So, no matter where you are in the world we’re right there with you, offering expert guidance and knowledge, throughout every brew.

Life is too short to
make bad beer.”

With our easy-to-use homebrewing systems, you can create small or large batches of beer that will always taste great. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and even share it with mates, but never settle for a bad brew again.