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Experimenting with ingredients

One of the best things about beer and home brewing, is that unless you strictly want to adhere to the reinheitsgebot laws, there is so much room for experimentation with
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Brewing a Barleywine

Although they seem to have dropped in popularity recently (with the rise of craft brewers making ‘Imperial’ or ‘Double’ versions of almost every style now), for us barleywines are still
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Brewing a Christmas Ale

Christmas Ales (or ‘Winter Seasonal Beers’ as they are classified by the BJCP) are a great style to brew when the weather starts to turn cold and you need something
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Brewing a Pumpkin Beer

It’s October, it’s nearing Halloween and that can only mean one thing. Pumpkin beers are on their way. Love them or hate them, pumpkin beers have been massive. The revival
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