New and Improved Community Tools is Here.

Brew any beer recipe, in any style, on any system

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With a new design, more recipes, more beer styles and more filters, Community Tools will have you brewing your best beers in no time!

New user experience

The Community Platform is now updated with a fresh and forward-thinking new design and user experience to enhance your brewing journey.

New and improved

Recipe Creator

The new recipe creator gives you all the tools to experiment with accuracy and replicate any brew in any style.

New Features

22 Brewing Calculators

Calculate Real & Apparent Attenuation, Mash Efficiency, Diastatic Power, Mash pH Adjustment, and more with advanced brewing calculators.

Manage Brewing Equipment

Compatible with any brewing system

More Recipe Styles

Create and manage your recipes with more styles available. Now supporting BJCP Beer, BJCP Cider, BJCP Mead, and Brewers Association styles

Manage Profiles

Create mash and fermentation profiles once, and easily import them into your recipes and brew sessions. Manage ingredient profiles and add custom ingredients

Customisable Account

Customise your notification settings, brewing preferences and your shareable brewing profile.

Personalised Experience

Personalise your brewing experience according to your level of experience and favourite beer styles.

Integrates With IOT Fermentation Devices

Tilt hydrometer

View the specific gravity and temperature of your fermenting beer on your iOS or Android device. The Tilt works in standard carboys, kegs, refrigerators, stainless steel fermenters etc.


PLAATO Airlock monitors the fermentation activity by measuring the CO2 created in the brew. By knowing the rate of CO2-release, PLAATO Airlock can estimate the Specific gravity and alcohol content of the brew.


The system is based around the use of a heeling (or tilting) cylinder, an ingenious and easy concept - you do not need any external reference (except for gravity) and the cylinder is extremely easy to keep clean.