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All Grain

All Grain brewing is an exact replication of the process and mechanics that professional craft breweries use to brew their beer.

This is a longer process, requiring more steps in the process such as the additional mash stage vs extract. This however opens another avenue for creativity and experimentation.

  • Truer to style
  • 1000's of recipes
  • Less Expensive Per Batch


Brewing with malt extract is a very common and easy way to brew your first beer. Despite it being the entry point for many brewers, it does not mean that the beer created is inferior in any way.

Eliminating the mash step from the brewing process, brewing with extract really is a significantly quicker process than All Grain.

  • Quick & Easy
  • Less Equipment
  • Less Brewing Steps

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Revolutionising All Grain Brewing for Home Brewers

The Grainfather has a focus on continuous improvement, harnessing new technologies for existing products and further professional quality additions to the Grainfather range.

With the addition of Conical Fermenter and Glycol Chiller the Grainfather has taken a giant step forward in delivering a complete professional quality, nano brewery for homebrewers.