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Christmas Brews – Part 1

For those that don’t like Marmalade, don’t worry this only describes the colour. This is a fairly dry American style pale ale that is deep orange in colour to reflect the orange and mandarin hops used, there are some hints of toast and caramel from the darker malts balanced by a pronounced bitterness. This beer is dry enough for a hot day but has enough body and character to take you into the still of the night.

Food Pairing: Orange chocolate ice cream, pavlova and fruit salad and glazed ham

Orange Marmalade Pale Ale

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  • Batch size: 23L (fermenter volume)
  • Mash: 60 Mins
  • Boil: 60 Mins
  • OG – 1.055
  • FG – 1.008
  • Colour – 2.3 EBC
  • Bitterness – 40.2 IBU
  • ABV – 6.1%


53%2.94Gladfield American Ale Malt374.9Mash
20%1.11Gladfield Red Back Malt3565Mash
7%0.39Gladfield Gladiator Malt3710Mash
20%1.11Carared (Weyermann)35.847.3Mash

Grain Substitutions:

  • American Ale Malt : 2 row malt :  Pale malt
  • Red Back  : Red X : Caraamber
  • Gladiator malt : Carapils


20Mandarina BavariaPelletBoil20min910.6
40PacificaPelletHop Stand25min5.56.8
40Mandarina BavariaPelletHop Stand25min911
30PacificaPelletDry Hop4days5.50
40Mandarina BavariaPelletDry Hop4days90

Hop Substitutions:

  • Pacifica : Summit : Hallertau
  • Mandarina Bavaria : Magnum : German Tradition


5gOrange Peel, bitterFlameOut


AmountUnitNameAttenuation %
2packetsMangrove Jack’s Californian Lager M5480

Yeast Substitutions:

  • White labs California ale WLP 001
  • Wyeast American ale 1056
  • Safale US-05

Mash Steps:

NameTemp °CTime min
Mash 16560
Mash Out7510

Fermentation Steps:

TypeTemp °CTime days
Fermentation 11810
Crash Cool42

Beer Finings:

For this recipe use your choice of beer finings, I tend to use Irish moss in the boil and if needed either gelatine or isinglass in the secondary.

Check out Part 2 for our Gingerbread Brown Ale recipe.

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