Beer Brewing Water Chemistry

Beer Brewing Water Chemistry

Our experts talk us through water chemistry in beer brewing. We look at the different ions and the effect they have on the beer brewing process.

Experimenting with ingredients

One of the best things about beer and home brewing, is that unless you strictly want to adhere to the reinheitsgebot laws, there is so much room for experimentation with your brews and adjusting your recipes with different ingredients is a great way to be creative, cater closer to your own personal tastes and style […]

Reading a Water Report

While there is a great deal of science involved in the entire brewing process, none of it seems to frighten new brewers as much as the science of water chemistry. Something about adjusting water ions using various salts just seems to be tough to grasp for a lot of people new to the hobby. While […]

Why does pH matter during the boil?

pH can affect your beer in a number of ways so it is well worth paying attention to the pH of your wort at several points throughout the brewing process. We are looking specifically at the effects of pH during the boil. One major reason that we try and control pH in brewing is to […]

Dark Malts and their Effects on Mash pH

If you’re striving towards consistently great homebrewed beer, then accurately monitoring the pH throughout the process can give you a greater level of control and help you perfect your brews. Dave who works in our UK office has been exploring this area and shares below an experiment he conducted looking at the effects of dark […]