Helpful Resources for Beginner Homebrewers

Resources to Help Beginner Homebrewers

Here’s a compilation of popular and highly recommended resources to help beginner homebrewers looking to expand their knowledge of the craft.


John Palmers: How to Brew

This book is the brewing bible to most home and commercial brewers alike. How to Brew is a step by step guide through the physical and theoretical brewing process and is aimed at people getting into the homebrewing hobby.

Jamil Zainasheff: Brewing Classic Styles

If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, this book is for you!

Jamil is an American NHC Ninkasi winner, homebrew geek and owner of Heretic Brewing Co. Brewing Classic Styles contains 80 award-winning recipes (both all grain and extract) which are accurate to style, allowing beginner homebrewers to hone in their techniques without being distracted by recipe development.


The Brewing Network

Continuing the theme of John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff is the podcast Brew Strong from The Brewing Network. Hosted by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer, this podcast focuses on the technical aspects of homebrewing. The early episodes focus more on the essential broader topics, whereas the more recent episodes look at particular topics.

Another podcast by The Brewing Network that is great for beginner homebrewers, is The Session. This podcast is regarded as the original home brewing information podcast and is particularly responsible for the boom in both the quality and number of homebrewers since 2005. The early episodes tackle the essentials of homebrewing from a panel of knowledgeable homebrewers, craft beer aficionados and guest industry professionals that don’t take themselves or the industry too seriously. Over the years, this podcast has moved from technical brewing knowledge to more of a social podcast looking at the American and sometimes international craft beer industry.

There is a multitude of other brewing podcasts out there that range in the personality types of the hosts and the level and direction of knowledge they are trying to pass on.


For brewing specifically with the Grainfather, we recommend our YouTube channel. For more general brewing information, there are a plethora of people uploading videos on specifics of homebrewing.

However, many of the videos are their personal opinion on how something ‘could’ or ‘should’ be done. Look for videos from homebrewing retail or equipment stores, like NorthernBrewerTV as these tend to be what the industry accepts as the correct brewing theory or technique.

Local Homebrew Stores and Brewing Communities

Your local homebrew store is an excellent resource for new brewers. These stores often host brewing demonstrations too, which is a great opportunity for beginner homebrewers to learn from experienced brewers.

Following that, use any friends or people that homebrew to help get the basics. These people can also be used to taste your beers and get feedback for any significant defects that may arise.


We have compiled the ultimate beginner’s guide to brewing beer at home. We also offer a huge library of articles and recipes to get you brewing in no time! We We also have a live chat feature and an online Help Centre for you to get answers to your brewing questions. and the American Homebrewers Association also have resources and tutorials for homebrewing your first or next batch of beer.

If you’re new to brewing beer, check out our Brewing 101: The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Beer at Home.

Leave a comment below or contact us on [email protected] if you have any questions. We’re happy to

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