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Christmas Brews – Part 4

American Toffee Porter

Very much like the name suggests, this is an American porter with dark chocolate flavours and a nice toffee/caramel hit. A pronounced bitterness is present from the addition of earthy floral hops, it is a great companion for a winter fire.

Food pairings: chocolate caramel brownie, braised red meats and grilled vegetables

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  • Batch size: 23L (fermenter volume)
  • Mash: 60 Mins
  • Boil: 60 Mins
  • OG – 1.054
  • FG – 1.010
  • Colour – 53.1 EBC
  • Bitterness – 41.8 IBU
  • ABV – 5.8%


12%0.64Gladfield Toffee Malt3410.4Mash
10%0.53Gladfield Supernova Malt37115Mash
2%0.11Gladfield Dark Chocolate Malt331300Mash
70%3.85Gladfield American Ale Malt374.9Mash
2%0.11Caramel/Crystal 120 – US35318.7Mash
5%0.25Carafa III (Weyermann)35.81034.2Mash


NameTemp °CTime min
Mash 16560
Mash Out7510

Grain Substitutions:

  • Supernova Malt : Crystal 60L
  • Toffee Malt : Crystal 20L
  • American Ale Malt : American 2 row : Pale Malt


40Northern BrewerPelletBoil60 min935.1
10Northern BrewerPelletBoil30 min96.7

Hop Substitutions:

Northern Brewer: Any earthy, floral hop to complement the malt character.


AmountUnitNameAttenuation %
2packetsMangrove Jack’s Liberty Bell Ale M3676

Yeast Substitutions:

  • White Labs English Ale WLP002 or WLP007
  • Wyeast London Ale 1028
  • Safale US-04
  • Danstar Nottingham ale


TypeTemp °CTime days
Fermentation 11814

Beer Finings:

For this recipe use your choice of beer finings, we tend to use Irish moss in the boil and if needed either gelatine or isinglass in the secondary.

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