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SMaSH Brewing

SMaSH stands for Single Malt and Single Hop, this style of beer can not only yield an excellent beer but also is a great way to explore the characteristics of a particular malt and a specific hop. While these beers appear simple, they can be very complex. Since there are no style guidelines on this type you are free to make these beers hop or malt focused with any alcohol content as long as a single malt and hop variety.

Single Malt

When choosing the malt to use in this beer there are a couple of points that need to be considered. Like selecting a malt that has enough diastatic power necessary to enzymatically convert starch to fermentable sugar (100% roast barley will not work) also how this malt will compliment the hop character of the beer, Vienna malt often has a pleasant honey-like character that will compliment many citrus hops. By step or decoction mashing a degree, more complexity can be achieved in the finished beer.

Single Hop

when selecting a hop variety for these beers, it is best to choose a variety that is suitable for use at any stage of the brewing process, some hops can produce a harsh bitterness when used early in the boil and therefore additions adjustments may need to be made. But any variety of hops could be used in SMaSH brewing. Like with the malt choose a hop that will complement and balance the malt character. To add complexity a combination of early, late and dry hopping is key.


With SMaSH beers, the goal is to generally showcase the malt, hops or the combination to do this a clean beers strain is used, this could be an ale or lager strain. However, there is no reason why any yeast couldn’t be used to yield excellent results.

Check out our SMaSH recipe for some inspiration

SMaSH – Specialty IPA

Brewer: Grainfather

OG 1.047

FG 1.008

Color 7.9 EBC

Bitterness 24.3 IBU

BU:GU 0.52

Alcohol 5.1% ABV

Calories 43.4 per 100ml


%            kg           Fermentable       ppg        EBC        Usage

100%     4.8         Maris Otter Malt (Muntons)          36           5.5         Mash


g             Variety  Type      Usage    Time      AA          IBU

5             Cascade               Pellet     Boil        60 min   5.8         3

30           Cascade               Pellet     Boil        5 min     5.8         3.6

50           Cascade               Pellet     Dry Hop               5 days    5.8         0

50           Cascade               Pellet     Hop Stand           20 min   5.8         8.3

20           Cascade               Pellet     Boil        30 min   5.8         9.3


Amount Unit       Name    Attenuation %

2             packets Fermentis Safale US-05   81


Name    Temp °C               Time min

Mash 1  67           60

Mash Out            75           10


Type      Temp °C               Time days

Fermentation 1  18           14

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