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Helpful Resources for Expert Homebrewers

Expert Resources to Help You Brew Beer at Home

By now the addiction is impossible to resist, you breathe beer gas and have yeast slurry running through your veins, and you are either working in or heavily active in the beer industry.

At this point, your brewing library is probably pretty extensive, so it is time to add homebrewing resources for specific styles and for the areas that surround the process of brewing, like pairing food with beer, cellaring, packaging and draft maintenance.

Beer Books for Expert Homebrewers

Food and Beer Pairing

Keeping and Serving Beer

Specific Titles

Podcasts and Courses for Expert Homebrewers

Many of the podcasts already mentioned in the Beginner Homebrewer and Intermediate Homebrewer articles address more advanced topics that are suitable for the expert homebrewer.

The BJCP has national and master qualifications that can be obtained by sitting and passing the beer judging exam and the proficiency exams by getting a score of greater than 80%. The Cicerone program also have advanced, and master qualifications that can be obtained through their organisation and the Siebel Institute have advanced and master brewers programs.

What are your favourite homebrewing resources? Leave a comment below or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!

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